Traveling is one of the factor that easies and affects some one’s desired point of dock, at fault free we hire cars on both self-drive & whereby we can make your journey comfortable by driving you while relaxed (chauffer driven) because we have experienced drivers and good cars we also hire cars on long term contracts at negotiable prices,

Very many people have different reasons of traveling in the that with those who travel for touring in game parks and other tourist attraction areas we have cars for game drives, we book accommodations organize luncheons and buffets in all types of desired dishes, airport pickups those traveling for honey moons, wedding and introductions we cater for you, those traveling for honey moons we book for them hotels and transportation to their point of choice.

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 We can deliver the motor at your door step

Requirements for self-drive hire





Valid driving license or equivalent

Car hire Terms and Conditions

  • The client is entitled to inspect the motor vehicle both for service and panel damages before departure at the office.
  • In case of an accident the client faces all the repair charges and if it needs buying a new car
  • The client is entitled to full responsibility of motor car in case of any damages caused to it while in his hands in that he faces all charges regarding to repair and pays 50$ as security
  • The client is entitled to pay an  extra fee in case of failure to return in agreed time and date and failure to report to our offices immediately
  • The client is supposed to report any fact of matter that may happen to the car so as to get quick response
  • The client is subjected to pay all traffic penalties levied on him due to careless and disobey of the road safety rules.
  • The client is penalized in case he/she drives the car to the destinations not agreed on or beyond and faces a charge of 70$
  • A client is penalized once he/she passes over the car to another person to drive without notifying the office 50$

Why Travel With us?

Substantial reputation.
Most excellent professional services.
Inspires confidence and comfort.
Outstanding destinations
Local experience and expertise
Sustainability - pioneers for the industry
Exceptional accommodation - experience real living

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